Special Events

Charlotte’s Web at Quercus Farm

Saturday, April 1 • 11:00 am
371 Quercus Farm Rd, Gay, GA 30218
Children Under 12: $5.00 • Adults: $10.00

On the vibrant Quercus Farm, bustling with life, growth and enduring love, what more natural tale to tell than that of Charlotte’s Web adapted from E.B. White’s classic children’s book. Wilbur, a charismatic young pig wants desperately to avoid the fate of bacon and ham, and his friend Charlotte, the literate spider, has a plan. Endearing characters tell truths of life, death and harsh realities, as the unlikely duo ultimately proves that love conquers all when you surrender to your fate and bolster the courage to find your place in the world. In the heart of the rolling countryside, this well-known tale will come to life like you’ve never seen before!

8th Annual Serenbe Playhouse Gala

In Here Life is Beautiful

April 29, 2017 • 7:00pm
Deer Hollow @ Serenbe
Tickets – $150 • VIP tents – $2,500

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