Mission & Vision


Serenbe Playhouse is a professional theatre company committed to producing bold new works and reinvented classics that connect art, nature and community.


Serenbe Playhouse believes that theatre as an art form has the unique power to illuminate the human experience. In pursuit of that vision, we produce artistically rich site-specific performances and programming that reduces the barriers between artists and audiences by immersing patrons in an environment that amplifies the beauty of nature, and provides opportunities for engagement, conversation, and collaboration.

We use theatre as an artistic educational tool for both artists and audiences. A training ground for promising artists, the Playhouse offers high school students, college students, and recent graduates active opportunities to work alongside established theatre professionals. Serenbe Playhouse adheres to the philosophy that theatre is a necessity, not a privilege. Through targeted assistance to schools and youth organizations, the Playhouse broadens access to art and culture, and encourages the involvement of under served audiences throughout the region.

We are a pioneer in modeling Green Theatre Practices by producing plays with a commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship. All productions are performed outdoors, in concert with Nature; repurpose existing structures; and use natural light and 90% LED theatrical lighting. Sets are designed for disassembly and constructed with reclaimed and recycled materials with the goal of minimizing a production’s waste and impact on the environment.

Serenbe Playhouse was founded in 2009 under the executive and artistic direction of Brian Clowdus, an accomplished actor, educator, director and producer. Established under the umbrella of their parent organization, The Serenbe Institute for Art Culture & the Environment, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Serenbe Playhouse operates with the support of a diverse working board of directors and community volunteers.


Serenbe Playhouse Firefly

About the Serenbe Playhouse firefly

  • Fireflies represent the environment in which Serenbe Playhouse produces theatre, the beautiful outdoors… perhaps audience members will even spot fireflies during their Playhouse experience.
  • Fireflies are whimsical and reminiscent of warm summer nights of childhood, chasing the blinking wonders with a mason jar in hand. Theatre transforms us to a child-like state of imagination where we are transported by the magic of live theatre.
  • Fireflies produce natural light representing our quest for the most ecological practices in lighting and overall production of live theatre.
  • Fireflies are visible one moment and gone the next, just as the changing of scenes, the beginning and end of a play.
  • With over 2,000 species of fireflies they are eclectic and varied in form, just as the body of work Serenbe Playhouse produces… no two productions or fireflies will be quite the same.


Serenbe Institute
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