Add-On Activites

Meet the Animals Activity!

Feed and Pet the Animals at Serenbe’s own Animal Village.

The Animal Village Add-On comes with up to an hour visit of Serenbe’s Animal Village and a bag of Animal Feed for each student to hand feed the larger animals! The Meet the Animals activity is recommended for Elementary and Middle School Students and is most engaging with younger ages, as students can wander Serenbe’s own animal village to see the pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, llama and donkeys and hand feed and pet some of the animals while under the beautiful cover of Georgia pine trees!

Price: $3.00 per student (15 student minimum)

Requires 2 weeks notice to book

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Interactive Workshop

Explore Theatrical Themes with Serenbe Playhouse Professional Teaching Artists.

In the Interactive Workshop Activity, students work for an hour in groups of 5-15 with professional theatre artists to explore “The 3 Actor Tools” (Imagination, Voice, and Body). Then students will explore the theory of Aristotle’s 5 elements of the Well-Made Play, through creating live-action “Instagram” posts (or tableau) to perform for their peers! The Interactive Workshop is engaging for all ages!

Price: $15 per student (For a 5 students/group minimum) 
$10 per student (For a 10 student/group minimum)
Can accommodate up to 100 students

Requires 2 weeks notice to book

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Organic Farm Tours

Learn about Sustainability and Organic Farming Practices with a Fully Functioning Farm.

Students will walk the fields with Farmer Managers Matt & Kali and the Farming Apprentices while learning about the principles of organic farming and the importance of eating locally grown produce. Students will learn about organic vs conventional growing, from seed to sale: overall farming practices and where farms market produce, equipment and cultivation, composting, cover cropping and crop rotation, and plant families and seed germination. The Organic Farm tours are recommended for Middle and High School ages.

Price: $15 per student (90 min tour w/harvesting activity)

$10 per student (60 minute tour)

Flexible booking minimums and times

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