Apprenticeship FAQ


How is the $5000 fellowship allocated? 

The $5,000 fellowship is treated as a stipend throughout an Apprentice’s one-year contract. This stipend is paid out bi-weekly via check (breaking down to $200/paycheck), with no taxes withheld. 


What is the typical day/week like for an Apprentice?

It varies greatly! Tech Weeks and Special Event weeks will involve longer hours, and Summer and Spring will typically have fuller schedules than Fall and Winter. The base schedule includes calls Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-4pm and 6pm-midnight with some combination of ​2 or more​ of the following:

  • Work call
  • Office shift 
  • Teaching Assistant shift 
  • Rehearsal
  • Masterclass
  • Performance


What is the housing like for the Apprentices? 

The apprentice house is a 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath​ ranch house with a spacious back yard. Boys live dorm-style in the finished downstairs basement bedroom and girls live dorm-style in the upstairs bedroom. There is a communal living room, dining room and a kitchen with two refrigerators.


Are there opportunities to seek outside employment while under contract with Serenbe Playhouse?

No outside jobs are permitted during the first 4 months of the Apprenticeship. After the Summer Season closes, apprentices are permitted to pick up part-time outside work over the rest of the year at a nearby business or within the Serenbe community. Former Apprentices have made extra income by house sitting, babysitting, pet sitting, community errands and personal assistants, or have worked at Serenbe businesses like The General Store and The Blue Eyed Daisy.


What types of roles do the Acting Apprentices receive during their Apprenticeship?

The Acting Apprentices are the stars of our Family Series Productions. Those roles are cast based on the acting work we have seen during the Apprentice Company application and callback process. 

We require our Apprentice Company Members to audition for roles in the rest of the Season. We are extremely invested in our Apprentices’ development and experiential learning, and when approaching casting of our Season we look to cast Apprentices in roles which will best showcase each actor. If an Apprentice is ready for a role and responsibility (including lead and supporting roles), we always consider them, when age, type and ability appropriate, alongside the professional actors who have auditioned.

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