Serenbe Playhouse Academy


Serenbe Playhouse uses theatre as an artistic educational tool for both artists and audiences. Through targeted assistance to schools and youth organizations, the Playhouse broadens access to art and culture, and encourages the involvement of under served audiences throughout the region.

With the creation of Serenbe Playhouse Academy, our mission of education through the theatrical medium has been expanded to encompass hands on training for students of all ages, and to provide new audiences to superb productions created by Serenbe Playhouse.


At Serenbe Playhouse Academy, we value…

Classic Literary Works

Our educational programs endeavor to point students towards literary works, and we utilize these works to create interesting and groundbreaking performances to both inspire and inform artists of all ages.

Environmental Sustainability

We encourage environmentally sustainable work practices in all aspects of our programs. We encourage out of the box thinking to recycle, reuse, and reduce our impact on the environment. Our desire is to preserve natural environments in our utilization of space.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

There can be many ways to achieve a desired goal, and we encourage our staff and students to look at a situation from multiple viewpoints.


Our community celebrates the act of of trying something new for the first time, making mistakes, and failing. We utilize failures as learning experiences that are to be celebrated, not shamed. Our programs provide safe atmospheres in which to make mistakes and better our craft.

The Creative Process

While all of our programs are geared towards the creation of a final product- the performance- we place as much importance on the creative, technical, and rehearsal process as we do on that final performance. Our student performances are an opportunity for both the students and audience to celebrate growth and learning.

Collaboration and Teamwork

As we work, teach, create, or perform we encourage collaborative process. We value input and ideas from our students and endeavor to include their insights in the creation and rehearsal of the final performance.


To our students, one another, ourselves and our environment.

Theatre is for All

Any student, regardless of previous performance experience, is welcome to participate in our programs. We believe theatre is an outlet to encourage both communication skills and community. We value theatre as a necessity to a student’s development and never treat the art form as frivolous and extra-curricular or as an exclusive privilege.